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Judy Pancoast and the Groovy Dudes!

by Amber on April 25, 2010

Judy Pancoast and the Groovy DudesIt’s officially official, Judy Pancoast has gathered her own group of Groovy Dudes to play shows with her! This means that Judy’s shows will now feature a full band—how exciting!

Judy’s new team includes Bob West on guitar, Maxx Arbuckle on bass, and Tim Maxwell on drums, as well as Mat Huxel on saxophone. It looks like they’re also adding a another female to the dude line up with Mary Gatterman on keyboard. That’s quite a crew!

Of course Judy will be singing and dancing as well as adding her own special pep to all the shows. I imagine we’ll still see her behind her keyboard now and then, too, but having a full band on stage with her will really spice up her already flavorful songs.

I asked Judy what all this excitement means for her concerts. Will she still play solo? And what about her back up dancers, the Judy Crew?

“I am planning on doing shows with the band and still doing solo shows as well,” says Judy, “and my dance team (the Judy Crew) will perform at both kinds of shows. When I am performing with the band we will be known as Judy Pancoast and the Groovy Dudes but solo I’ll still be plain ol’ Judy Pancoast.

“The reason I named the band the Groovy Dudes is because I am trying to really put a focus on the kind of music I present. It’s not really rock, although I do some rock music, but I would put it squarely in the genre of the bubblegum pop of the 60’s and 70’s. My biggest influences musically were the Monkees, the Carpenters, and basically anything in the top 40 during the late 60’s and 70’s, my formative years. I was never hip or cool but always the geeky girl who would rather listen to The Archies than Led Zeppelin.”

Maybe this explains the surfboard silhouettes in the logo?

I also wanted to know if Judy plans to take her show on the road. Getting a band together just begs for a cross-country tour, doesn’t it?

“I have several shows booked for the band this summer,” says Judy, “but my overall goal is to get us booked in larger venues such as theatres and performing arts centers with large stages for the fall and winter seasons.

“I would love to take the show on the road next summer, but since most of the band members will be in college for at least another year we have no plans to tour far and wide during the school year, although we will be traveling to perform shows on the weekends.”

Oh well—I guess that just means more Groovy Dudes for us lucky New Englanders!

Of course, the band’s first gig will actually be in New York this Saturday (May 1st) at the Tribeca Street Festival, but their New England debut will be this summer on June 29th at the Nextdoor Theatre in Winchester at 10am.

Judy’s band is sure to be a blast (especially with a saxophone player on the regular roster) and we can’t wait to get a glimpse of the new crew. Keep an eye out for more shows this summer from Judy and her Groovy Dudes!

To learn more about Judy Pancoast’s music or to find out where she’ll be playing, visit her website:

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