Kids’ Music Around New England

by Amber on July 13, 2009

Living in Boston, I feel like we are in a children’s music hub. I’m always surprised by how many very talented children’s musicians live and perform in the greater Boston area and around Massachusetts.

But New England as a whole has many fine performers to offer—from Maine to Connecticut, I’ve met so many wonderful musicians.

Here is a list of our favorite kids’ music from around New England!

New Hampshire

Judy Pancoast’s music is fun and light hearted. She knows how to get kids up and dancing and her lyrics really bely a true understanding of what it means to be a child. And you know how much kids love to just be kids!

You have to check out The Potty Dance, describing a familiar potty-training situation, and Baby Rocks, a tender song that will appeal to both babies and mommies alike.

I’d be surprised if you’re not humming this one to your little guy next time you’re trying to quiet him down!

Amy Conley, on the other hand, won us over with her sweet voice and classic kids’ songs. She plays both guitar and banjo (which is always a plus with Ivan!) and folk songs are just perfect for kids of any age.

Check out her two CDs, Grow Your Own Music and I Sing Every Day.

Ivan’s favorite songs from Amy’s CDs are Rig a Jig Jig and Oats and Beans and Barley Grow. He loves songs that play with sounds and rhymes.


The Flannery Brothers are a great duo from Maine. Their music is silly and fun, but most importantly upbeat. I love their lyrics.

They’re getting ready to release their first CD, Love Songs for Silly Things, and you can pre-order your copy on their website or visit Amazon. I still love their song, Best Pillow In The World, about pillows that are too firm or too lumpy. Ahh, the joy of sleeping on the perfect pillow!

FWayne From Maine - Happy as a Clam.

Another great Maine attraction is Wayne from Maine. I first heard his song Moose in MoosAchoosetts on WERS’ kids’ show The Playground. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Wayne has been singing songs for a long time and has quite a few CDs to his name. He’s even put out a video for his song Open a Book.

Our favorite Wayne CD is Happy as a Clam, mostly because of Moose in MoosAchoosetts, but the other songs are great, too.


We saw Maria Sangiolo perform last year at TCAN and we were really impressed. Not only is her music beautiful and soothing, but she also manages to teach kids important lessons about love, friendship, and caring for the environment.

Her two CDs, Fairy Moon – Songs of the Ring and Under the Mystic Sea, are great additions to any music collection.

Under the Mystic Sea may be my favorite of hers because I just love songs about the ocean. Fish, penguins, polar bears—it’s all here!

The Sunshine Road Show is another great band from Connecticut. I’d describe them as fun, fast, and funky! Great to keep kids entertained on a long drive, but you may have to stop the car periodically to get out and dance!

And, seriously, anyone who sings a cover of The Monkees I’m a Believer, is alright with me!


Bill Shontz may be best known as the Shontz in the kids’ band RosenShontz. He has been playing kids’ music internationally for over twenty-five years and has recorded twelve CDs during his long career.

Bill is very earth conscious (he is the spokesperson for the environmental groups EarthWatch and Green Up Vermont) and many of his songs remind us of our relationship with nature and our responsibilities.

We really like his album Animal Tales for its message of caring for and living with animals. Of course, we also like this album for its silly songs and funny rhymes. Pelican Will is a great song about a confused pelican, and You Are What You Eat is another fun song about animals acting like their food—why else would monkeys go bananas?

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