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More CDs…

by Amber on November 30, 2010

You know we get a lot of CDs sent to us. Some are instant hits, some grow on us, and some… well… let’s just say not everyone gets a mention on the site.

Here are three that we’ve been listening to that we’re really enjoying.

Zak Morgan: The Candy MachineZak Morgan’s new album, Suzy and Joe in the story of the Candy Machine, is a joint effort with Dela (David LaBruyere). Unlike most kids’ albums, this one is a concept album that tells a real story.

Suzy and Joe go on a long and twisting adventure through rough seas, past Hillbilly Mermaids, and on to Sugar Island. It’s the sort of CD that you can pay close attention to, pick up each word, and follow the story… or just listen to the music and enjoy the melodies. Either way, it’ll take you on a fun ride.

It’s also the sort of CD that really, really should be animated! It’d be so cool as a full length animated film. I hope someone else is thinking this, too!

Do you know the words to Oh Susannah? What about the second verse to You are My Sunshine?

We can all hum along to Grand Old Flag or Down by the Riverside, but so few of us actually remember the words to any of these songs. Why is that?

Daria’s Grandchildren’s Delight tries to remedy this by bringing us classic folk songs that we used to sing as kids with our grandparents but have since forgotten. Who’s going to teach these songs to our kids? We are!

The instrumentation on this CD is also well worth listening to with your kids. I love the fiddle on Over in the Meadow, but can’t get enough of the clarinet on Grand Old Flag. I love that sound!

Just Like the StarsLocal artists Carrie Rowan and Oen Kennedy have teamed up to release a new CD titled Just Like the Stars. Many of the songs are sweet and mellow, perfect for cuddling, while others, like Mr Rhinoceros, will get you up and dancing. There’s really something here for everyone!

My favorite song on the CD has to be Quiet Night on the Moon. It sounds like a lullaby, but really it’s an exciting adventure song about flying to the moon and having a party with all your friends. I mean really, why do we always associate the moon with lullabies? Dancing and floating on the moon would actually be pretty exciting!

You can listen to these songs and purchase the MP3s on Carrie Rowan’s site. Just click on the “music” tab and check out her Nimbit store. Just Like the Stars is the second album in the store.

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