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CD Review & Award Policy

music notes

Notice: As for now, Boston Children’s Music is not accepting any CDs for reviews or for award submissions. The site is on hiatus, at least temporarily. This notice will be removed when things change.

We listen to a lot of CDs in this house and we’re offered a lot of CDs from artists around the country. I thought it might be a good idea to standardize my CD review policy.

First of all, I do not review all CDs that I receive in the mail. I believe that it is important to maintain the quality of this website by only writing positive reviews for CDs we really, really like. We receive hundreds of CDs, which of course means we have the luxury of being quite picky. That also means that you will only find the best children’s CDs reviewed on this site.

Secondly, I am not the only judge of the music. As a mom, my opinion is important, but my five-year-old son has final say on whether a CD makes it on the site or not. After all, he is the kid and we are reviewing kids’ music. Of course my husband, being a dad, gets a vote, too.

That said, if you are an artist and you want to have your CD reviewed on the site, you can begin by contacting me and sending me a link where we can preview your music. We’ll listen to the preview and if it sounds promising I’ll send you my mailing address and you can mail the CD to us.

When we receive the CD we will listen to it, as a family, many times as we form our opinions. This may take a little while. Then we will decide if we want to review the CD on the site. I firmly believe in only writing positive reviews about CDs we really like. Sometimes we may only like a few songs on a CD, in which case I will highlight those songs in future posts.

Similarly, the BCM Awards will be announced annually in January every year. The “favorite” awards (Favorite Kids’ Albums and Favorite Live Performances) will be our carefully-chosen favorite artists of the year. These artists all deserve gold stars!

And one last thing: I also firmly believe in supporting local artists and musicians, so I will usually run local artists to the front of the line when they contact me. I define local as being anywhere in New England, but especially Massachusetts and Boston.

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