Wake Up Songs!

by Amber on March 9, 2010

Wake Up Songs - Flannery BrothersWhat are mornings like at your house? Do your kids wake up happy and ready to go? If so, well, you’re one of the lucky ones!

For the rest of us, we have to work to get our kids to wake up, stretch, yawn, get the sleepies out, and finally start their day. The less grumbles and whines during this process the better!

We’ve been using music as a way to wake up Ivan for just about his entire life. When the morning song comes on, it’s time to get up. This works in that he understands that he needs to get up, but he would still wake up grumpy. Now we have a new weapon in our arsenal: The Flannery Brothers’ new CD Wake Up Songs!

The CD is a collection of six hip, happy songs about how nice it is to get up and get your day started. The songs are chipper, but not obnoxiously so, and they find a way to be both uplifting and comforting at the same time. Most of the songs are set around a soft but upbeat organ piano sound that is really soothing to hear first thing in the morning.

As with all Flannery songs, these tunes have energy, but what I love most about them is the message that days are full of wonder and adventure and you don’t want to miss any of it by staying in bed. I actually find myself humming Wake-Up Song in the morning as I head over to Ivan’s room to get him up. It’s inspirational!

Ivan's waking up

Ivan’s waking up.

My favorite verse in this song goes like this:

  • Well, in between breakfast and lunch
  • yes there is a whole bunch
  • of real cool stuff that I like to do,
  • and if you do so desire
  • there is an entire
  • adventure just waiting for you!

But my favorite song on the CD is Sleepyhead (click to listen to the full song), which Mike Flannery says is a very motivational song for himself as well.

You can pick up this jewel of a morning CD at the Flannery’s website: www.flannerybrothers.com.

And I guess I should admit that Ivan needs to listen to the CD twice before he actually starts smiling, but by the time we’re on our second listen through, he’s a fully transformed boy!

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